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Welcome to the Discography page!

Under construction

Our debut release The Girl From the North -EP, or CD-maxi-single if you prefer was released on May 17th 2008. The first printing sold out quite fast and a 2nd edition (with updated graphics but otherwise the same) came out in October that same year, also now long sold out.

Our album It's a Long Way to Tipperary (If Ya Wanna Rock & Roll) has been worked on ever since. Work is continuing. The album will be out when it's out, if it's out. It might be an album, or it might not. It might be an EP, or it might be a video. It might be a book, or a film or a play. Probably not a painting though, as that feels far too robust a medium, but, indeed!, the making of the album would certainly be worth a novel in the telling. But like I said: it's out when it's out.