Or whoever the hell we think we are.

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Introducing: the Band of Shysters

Please note that as of the end of 2015 this page is outdated. The line-up is changed since. And it remains ever-changing, ever-evolving, never constant. I just put pen to paper to recall the names of all those who've visited, or played regularly in Band of Shysters over the years; 26 names on the list! Twenty-six, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone.
Additionally, the regular band nowadays is only semi-regular at best, with the far & wide schedules of folks who've made music their trade-craft, and also with our ever expanding supply of regular surrogate-Shysters the group has become more of a loose collective, so to say, than that which is depicted below. Suffice to say, changes to this part of the website will be forthcoming at some point of the future of time. Anyways, here's how we were hoping to present ourselfs to the world, only a little time ago:

Maybe it's the thing of playing traditional songs with a punk attitude and a modern, contemporary feel, or as we like to call it, bastardizing the tradition, maybe it's something else, but a taste for Irish (or Celtic, if you will) folkpunk seems to be innate for a lot of people. People we've come across, anyways. Therefore, when we started building our big band we had little to no problem finding people. Here's who we've got so far: (Photos courtesy and © Markus Aspegren)

Captain Snipes A'Hoye on vocals Cathy on vocalsDr. Andy Raerock on stringed intruments Catya on aerophonics Ronnie-Ann Imus on fiddle Mr. Sammy O'Harley on drums Markkanen; bass

Presenting the Shysters!

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Former guitarist Jani Formet accordionist Pekka Former fiddlist and mandolinist Anssi Salminen

Former & sometime bandmembers

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