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Sat Nov. 26th Köpen baari, Varkaus, Finland

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Aapo performing live Antti rocking away on the acousticThe band performing liveKatja playing the flute

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Sat., November 26th VARKAUS, FINLAND

We're coming again to Könönpellon baari. 'Twill be fine! #craicinfinland

BoS Debuting in LAHTI, FINLAND

We will be coming for the 1st time to the city of Chicago, Finland to play a show on Sat. 8th Oct. at Katuklubi Oktoberfest. Advance tickets availab'le at the venue. Tickets priced 2 for 1 if purchased between Sept. 21-22. so RUN! ;)


Our only Summer Gig will be @ 20.30hrs on 14.7.2016 at Olutravintola Pannuhuone in Kuopio. Ought be grand. Cover charge 5€, great student discounts! We've picked a few new numbers for ye but we won't have time to get together for any rehearsals so if you've ever wanted to see us fucking up, now's yer chance! Ye ken, jes like dey say: "Good enough for folk music". ;] Goto: facebook.


It's not that we didn't have anything to report. Just that our web-updating capabilities were quite broken. All our shows in early 2016, not to mention St. Patrick's Day, sailed totally by this website quite unseen. Ah well, if you were there, as quite a lot of you were, I'm sure you'll remember it just as well as we do. Thanks!


Our pre-X-mas bash with our friends & colleagues 7 Stout Clan was such an amazing success last year that we're doing it all over again. So, we're all playing once more in Henry's Pub right here in Kuopio on Thursday December 10th at 22.00 hrs. Cover charge 7€, advance tickets available from Henry's Pub, Levykauppa Äx and Lukema.


At the insistence of our fans & friends we've again teamed up with the good folks of Olutravintola Pannuhuone to bring forth another fine Shysters show in Kuopio to celebrate the ending of the summer holidays. Band of Shysters LIVE @ Pannuhuone terrace on Wed. August 12th!


We have confirmed a couple more concert dates for this summer. More info in GIGS.


We are mighty pleased to announce that we'll be playing at the Siilifolk folk festival in Siilinjäri on Fri 3rd July this coming summer.


Fri 13th March, Pannuhuone, Kuopio, with our lovely friends & colleagues 7 Stout Clan!
Tue 17th March, St. Patrick's Day, O'Connell's, Tampere
Hope to see everyone!


Fri 19.12. will see Band of Shysters and friends 7 Stout Clan take the stage in Henry's Pub, Kuopio. Have beer. Will flow. And we invite all ye bowsies to celebrate with us a headstart on all the Solstice Spectackularr. Starts 2200hrs, tickets a mere 7€. Will be the first time we've performed Fairytale of New York in... oh, five years or so, I'd say. Oh, craic? Why, yes, I do believe that to be the case, indeed.

Paddy's Day Shows 2014

Sat. 15.3. Band of Shysters with friends Seven Stout Clan,
Pannuhuone, Kuopio, tickets 8/6€

Mon 17.3. O'Connell's, Tampere, free and filled to the rafters

The Shysters Quartet LIVE

The gig is on Saturday the 27th of July
@ Saku's Galley Kallamarina in Kuopio. (Tulliportinkatu 1, on the docks just by the little arched bridge) Tickets 6€ at the door. The show starts after 2100hrs, until well after midnight.
Yo, check it, bitches!: live clips of The Shysters4

The Girl From the North-EP SOLD OUT

It's all gone. Finished. Kaput. The two original editions of our debut release are all sold out and at the moment we have no plans to print a third. All that exists now is the digital version. Download yours on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon or a shitload of other online stores, or if you prefer just stream it nonstop on your Spotify.

Last Remaining EP's For Sale

The good folks at CD Baby sent us a message that the 4 remaining copies of our debut release, The Girl From the North -EP will be destroyed if they're not sold ASAP. Being as we'd hate to see a perfectly good CD go to waste we're offering them at a reduced bargain (8$). These are the last known four copies of the 1st limited run from 2008, guaranteed to become a coveted collector's item. Damn, we really should be asking more for these. Get yours now from CD Baby!

Band of Shysters: The Girl From the North

Gigs for St. Patrick's Weekend!

In addition to playing our traditional show on Saint Patrick's Day, Sunday March 17th @ O'Connell's in Tampere (with the full band) The Shysters Quartet will be playing for two nights (Fri & Sat, March 15th & 16th) @ The Castle Irish Bar in Turku

Started Mixing the Album

In early February the first mixes for "Tipperary..." were heard. It's starting to resemble something resembling recorded music. Sneak previews are coming and we'll also be taking pre-orders soon.