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Sat. Oct. 14th, Köpen baari, Varkaus, Finland

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Aapo performing live Antti rocking away on the acousticThe band performing liveKatja playing the flute

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Last Concert of 2017

Könönpellon baari in Varkaus is hosting us on Saturday Oct 14th. This will in all likelyhood be our last gig for the year. Hope you will make it down!

So Many Gigs

. . . too many to name here but we have many fantastic performance opportunities still ahead of us in 2017. Check OUT ALL 10 GIGS!
Truly, we've never had so many concerts lined up at given moment in time. Sure, we know where we'll be for Paddy's Day ´18, but this is just. . .Great! Fokken' brilliant! Of course, it helps a lot that we've ourselfs become more available owing to a fair number of able bodied souls standing in reserve, should some of the regular cast succumb to multiple bookings. And aye, it's a philosophical growth, as well.

2017 Paddy's Day Concerts

Thu 16th March, Henry's Pub, Tampere
Fri 17th March, O'Connell's, Tampere
Sat 18th March, Pannuhuone, Kuopio w/ 7 Stout Clan