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"We don't announce gigs. We're the gorillas of soul. We strike once, then sink back into the night... That's guerrillas with a 'u',
not with an 'o'."
-Jimmy Rabbitt, The Commitments

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Performing live at K-Klubi

Photo © Jussi Heino — BoS debut gig, K-klubi 21.12.2006.


17.3. O'Connell's Tampere, St. Patrick's Day, free

past gigs


21.December, 22.00 — K-Klubi, 1st Band of Shysters gig ever!


14th September, 21.00 - Pannuhuone, Kuopio - The Shysters -trio
15th September, 21.00 - Nelly's Pub, Iisalmi - The Shysters -duo
4th October, 22.00 - Vanha Tuomari, Kuopio — We are proud to be a part of the Irish Music Festival in Finland!
31st December, 24.00 — Crony's Bar, Kuopio, New Years Bash


4th January, 22.00 — Intro Bar & Grill, Kuopio, The Shysters -quartet
14th March, 21.00 — Parnell's, Jyväskylä, The Shysters -trio
17th May, Crony's Bar, Kuopio, Single Release Bash
12th June, YSTI-Festival, Lapinlahti
15th Aug., Parnell's, Jyväskylä, The Shysters -trio
31st Dec., Crony's Bar, New Year's Eve Bash


6th Jan., Midwinter Folkpunk Nights, Henry's Pub, Kuopio, 2200hrs, free admission
7th Jan., Midwinter Folkpunk Nights, Klubi, Tampere, w/ Jaakko & Jay, 21hrs, 6€
8th Jan., Midwinter Folkpunk Nights, Klubi, Turku, w/ Jaakko & Jay, 2100hrs, 5€
20th April, Henry's Pub, Kuopio
7. June, Private function, Pannuhuone, Kuopio
17. June, Henry's Pub, Kuopio, 5€ admission, the last night of the Kuopio Dance Festival, should be a blast (photos in the gallery).


17th March, Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day! Henry's Pub, Kuopio
19th March, Parnell's, Jyväskylä, The Shysters -trio
23rd April, Vintti, Siilinjärvi, The Shysters -trio
20th June, Kuopio Dance Festival, Kuopio
30th July, YSTI-Festival, Alapitkä, The Shysters Trio
7th Oct., Henry's Pub, Kuopio, with Märkä läikkä & Ultra Brewtality


31st Jan., O'Connell's, Tampere, Cpt. Snipes trubadour
10th March, Gloria, Kuopio, The Shysters Quartet
17th March, St. Patrick's Day! O'Connell's Irish Bar, Tampere, with Three of a Kind of Magic & Irish Dancing by IDSH.
19th March, Henry's Pub, Kuopio, with Murskahumppa.
6th October, Gloria, Kuopio, The Shysters Quartet


17th March, St. Paddy's Day, O'Connell's Irish Bar, Tampere
2nd June, King's Crown Music Café, The Shysters Quartet, 2100hrs, free admission
?? June, Kuopio Dance Festival (Quartet)
23rd Nov., Pub Old Tom, Kouvola, The Shysters Duo, 2230hrs, free admission


15th & 16th Mar., The Castle Irish Bar, Turku, (The Shysters Quartet)
17th Mar., St. Paddy's Day! O'Connell's Irish Bar, Tampere
27th of July 2100hrs, <a href="http://galley.fi/">Saku's Galley Kallamarina</a>, Kuopio, (Quartet)


14th March, Pannuhuone, Kuopio, with 7 Stout Clan
17th Mar., St. Paddy's Day! O'Connell's Irish Bar, Tampere
21st & 22nd Mar., King's Crown, St. Paddy's Party Weekend (Quartet)
29th Aug., private wedding function, Kuopio (Quartet)
19th Dec., Henry's Pub, Kuopio, with 7 Stout Clan


Fri 13th March, Pannuhuone, Kuopio, with 7 Stout Clan, tickets 8/6€ 17th March, St. Patrick's Day, O'Connell's Irish Bar, Tampere, free
Thu 11th June, Kallamarina, Kuopio, facebook-event, OFF-Kuopio Dance Festivalle
Fri 3rd July, Siilifolk 2015, Siilinjärvi
Sat 11th July, Iisalmi market square, Oluset -festival, free, 1100hrs
Wed 12th Aug., Olutravintola Pannuhuone, Kuopio
Thu 10th Dec., Henry's Pub, Kuopio, with 7 Stout Clan


Thu 11th Feb., Henry's Pub, Tampere
Sat 13th Feb., Könönpellon baari, Varkaus
12th March, Hospoda Koruna, Kajaani, The Shysters Duo (the original)
17th March, St. Patrick's Day, O'Connell's, Tampere
18 March, Pannuhuone Kuopio with 7 Stout Clan
16th April, SYTY-festival, Kuopio
Thu 14th July, Pannuhuone, Kuopio, 5€@door, fb-event
8th October, Katuklubi Oktoberfest, Lahti
26th November, Köpen baari, Könönpelto, Varkaus
28th December, AP Sarjanto -klubi, Albertin kellari, Hämeenlinna


March 16th, Henry's Pub, Tampere
March 17th, O'Connell's, Tampere
March 18th, Pannuhuone, Kuopio
May 19th, Private party, Kuopio
July 6th & 7th, Irish Hooley, Kalajoki
July 27th, Pannuhuone, Kuopio
August 11th, Kymijoki Beer Festival, Kouvola
September 2nd, Private party, Tampere
Sep. 14th, Henry's Pub, Tampere
Sep. 15th & 16th, Ruby & Fellas, Tampere
October 14th, Köpen baari, Varkaus


2nd March, Kahvila Kotikeidas, Riistavesi, Aapo solo
16th March, Ottopoika, Kuopio, 7€, with 7 Stout Clan
17th March, O'Connell's, Tampere, free
2nd June, Henry's Pub, Kuopio, 7€, with 7 Stout Clan
11th July, Popkatu, Joensuu Shysters Duo (the Original)
19th July, Siilifolk, Siilinjärvi
9th Aug., Gust. Ranin Pannuhuone, Kuopio
11th Aug., Kymijoki Beer Festival, Kouvola
Sat. 29.9., Lempo goes Oktoberfest, House of Rock, Kouvola, 8/6€, Quartet


Fri 15. March Ottopoika Kuopio, with 7 Stout Clan, 8€
Sun 17. March O'Connell's Tampere, free
Fri & Sat 14.-15. June RauhanRanta Lappeenranta, Quartet, free
Sat 6. July Irish Hooley, Kalajoki, free
Thu 1. August Pannuhuone Gust. Ranin, Kuopio, 7€


Sat 14th March, Henry's Pub, Kuopio, St. Patrick's Festival with Pint o' the Times and 7 Stout Clan, free
Tue 17.3. O'Connell's, Tampere, 10th anniversary, free Cancellation due COVID-19
Fri 20.3. Albertin kellari, Hämeenlinna, Shysters-duo, free Cancellation due COVID-19
Sat 30th May, LIVE over Internet w/ 7 Stout Clan, from Maxim Kuopio, 5/10€


Friday 27th August, Ullan Groovy re-opening celebration, Julkula, Kuopio, The Shysters Quartet, free admission
Friday 19th November, Sinner's Night, St. John Church, Kuopio, The Shysters Quintet, free entry


12.3. Ottopoika, Kuopio, 10€ door