Or wherever the hell we think we came from.

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Introducing the Band of Shysters Biography

What's it to you how we got here?! The important thing is that we're here now, eh? So just bloody well get me a pint, why dontcha!

The old bio was. . . well, shite!, in fact, so we took it down.
Eyes on the future, everybody. And also up here!
You could always scour through our news archives and try to form a coherent picture. Hah!, there's a suitable homework assignment for ya!. Anyway, if you're juuuust itching to know, here's how it happened in a nutshell:
Captain Snipes and Dr. Raerock went a dram too far, commandeered a skiff and started a duo in early 2006 by name of The Shysters. Kivelš joined them to make a trio but he buggered on off down to Helsinki before long. After a squall and without proper bearings the lads chanced upon a marooned Markkanen who wheighed anchor without a moment's hesitation.
There was a thing. The thing was joined by another thing. A third thing quickly followed suit after which yet another thing filed in. Which is to say one thing led to another and the lads put together a big feckin' band.

Now we are here & kicking serious arse for over ten years. Taking names as well. Tough though it be, deal.