Or whoever the hell we think we are.

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Introducing: the Band of Shysters

Maybe it's the thing of playing traditional songs with a punk attitude and a modern, contemporary feel, or as we like to call it, bastardizing the tradition, maybe it's something else, but a taste for Irish (or Celtic, if you will) folkpunk seems to be innate for a lot of people. Most people we've come across, anyways. Therefore, when we started building our big band we had little to no problem finding people. Here's who we've got so far: (Photos courtesy and © Markus Aspegren)

Antti on guitars

Dr. Andy Raerock - STRINGED instruments

Multitalented musician and witchdoctor of the north, Dr. Andy plays all kind of lute-resembling instruments, but is mostly known for his amazing skills with the Irish bouzouki. He has played with 'most everybody on the North Pole and has now settled into his musical home in Band of Shysters. In his instrument case you're likely to find a varied collection of bones, teeth and other paraphernalia that he does not hesitate to use should the need arise. Incidentally, the Doctor's beverage of choice is The Genuine Band of Shysters Snake Oil Panacea of which he is caught sipping rather more often than recommended, or indeed thought humanly possible. Truly, Dr. Raerock is a man who can make water from ice! Wherever you need extraordinary lute music or suffer from inexplicable pains, he is your man...

Former guitarist Jani Formet accordionist Pekka Former fiddlist and mandolinist Anssi Salminen

Former bandmembers

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