Or whoever the hell we think we are.

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Introducing: the Band of Shysters

Maybe it's the thing of playing traditional songs with a punk attitude and a modern, contemporary feel, or as we like to call it, bastardizing the tradition, maybe it's something else, but a taste for Irish (or Celtic, if you will) folkpunk seems to be innate for a lot of people. Most people we've come across, anyways. Therefore, when we started building our big band we had little to no problem finding people. Here's who we've got so far: (Photos courtesy and © Markus Aspegren)

Jussi on the bass

Markkanen - BASS

The Wandering G, and the band's very own pet undertaker & captain Ahab, Markkanen has been around longer than most & then some and not appearing likely to depart anytime soon.
His brooding figure is most often met at the numerous dance pavilions of our fine country. Or in the bars. Best mention the bars, here. We've got a lot of those, too, and Markkanen has seen 'em all. Together with Sammy, this Auld Beatmeister lays a concrete-solid foundation for the younger and more animated shysters to frolic upon. When not playing the bass Markkanen votes Father Jack, wears black and smiles sparingly. Markkanen is at the moment: SOBER, and his beverage of choice is consequently insignificant.

Former guitarist Jani Formet accordionist Pekka Former fiddlist and mandolinist Anssi Salminen

Former bandmembers

You can also check out the former members of the band