Or whoever the hell we think we are.

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Introducing: the Band of Shysters

Maybe it's the thing of playing traditional songs with a punk attitude and a modern, contemporary feel, or as we like to call it, bastardizing the tradition, maybe it's something else, but a taste for Irish (or Celtic, if you will) folkpunk seems to be innate for a lot of people. Most people we've come across, anyways. Therefore, when we started building our big band we had little to no problem finding people. Here's who we've got so far: (Photos courtesy and © Markus Aspegren)

Aapo on vocals

Captain Snipes A'Hoye - LEADING VOICE

With a foot planted firmly in worlds more than one Captain Snipes is one part navigator, one part lunatic kapellmeister; one side rebel balladeer & conformist punk rocker the other; one part Hook, one part Pan; three sides to every Jekyll & Hyde; seven shades of black & white; half mad, half scholar, half holy man. Ever the idealist and hopeless romantic hippey the Captain battles a constant struggle to comprehend why we all can't just get along & a pint. Bit by bit he's learning to change hats at the... drop of a hat; Lead singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, writer, critic, sometime actor & director & producer, Creative Director of Heuristic Logistics, Motorius of Prime, Musical Director par excellence, chopper of wood extraordinaire, leader of bands & men. He is a Visionary of Storms so it's a lucky thing indeed that Markkanen's brooding realism usually present to help him keep his arse & feet on the grounded & low. Though the Captain prefers smoking his beverage of choice is Single Malt with Stout on the side.

Former guitarist Jani Formet accordionist Pekka Former fiddlist and mandolinist Anssi Salminen

Former bandmembers

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