Or whoever the hell we think we are.

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Introducing: the Band of Shysters

Maybe it's the thing of playing traditional songs with a punk attitude and a modern, contemporary feel, or as we like to call it, bastardizing the tradition, maybe it's something else, but a taste for Irish (or Celtic, if you will) folkpunk seems to be innate for a lot of people. Most people we've come across, anyways. Therefore, when we started building our big band we had little to no problem finding people. Here's who we've got so far.

Aapo on vocals Antti on guitars Jussi on the bass Katja Koskinen on flute and tinwhistle Sami on the drums Katja Turunen on vocals

Presenting the Shysters!

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Former fiddlist and mandolinist Anssi Salminen Former guitarist Jani Formet accordionist Pekka

Anssi Salminen - FIDDLE & MANDOLIN

A virtuoso mandolin player, Anssi also brings into the mix the fiddle tradition from his native town of Kaustinen. He is the youngest Shysters (although, no one really knows how old the girls actually are, so I guess this is debatable). Anssi studied at Kuopio Conservatory for a year before running off to the folk music department of the Sibelius Academy (Abelius-Sikatemia) in Helsinki. Yeah, no kidding! Watching this guy go ape-shit on stage, you'd never think him university material, would you?