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10. Oct

Wow. Long time, no news. Well, now we've a few things to share.
The first printing of our debut maxi-single "The Girl From the North" sold out pretty fast. We just got in a second batch of CD's and it's once again available. You can get yours directly from us, from Levykauppa Äx or from CD Baby.
Download versions are available from Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Ruckus, Tradebit, PayPlay and LaLa. Ringtones from GroupieTunes.
During the summer we got Band of Shysters T-shirts done. The shirts are black and green (Kelly Green, green #47, grass green, very Irish) with the Barrel logo in white on the front. Optional slogans "Who's Your Paddy?!" or "Bastardizing the Tradition, est. 2006" are printed in white on the back. Sizes from S to XXL (3XL in black shirt only), ladyfit sizes XS to XL. As of yet shirts are only available directly from us. 15€ for straight T-shirts, 20€ for ladyfits.
Our shirts were the hippest, coolest & trendyest summerwear in Kuopio this year and the single played on local radio a couple of times, which was nice.
Now we are planning gigs for the rest of the year & January and working on a shirt gallery for the website. More on those soon.

17. May

The single is done (LISTEN NOW!)and Finland is playing for the bronze. The release bash is tonight. The venue is Crony's Bar in Kuopio, and we will start playing right away after the ice hockey match. Should be around 00.45, or so. Come early and watch the game large screen at the pub.
In the meantime, listen to the single on myspace.

What we don't have tonight though, is shirts. And they won't be coming for a while, either. The local printers are too busy at the moment, and can't make them until probably August. But good things come to those who wait, eh?

See you tonight at Crony's!

30. April.

Gigs! May 17th & June 12th. Please come. :)


Our single is delayed due to gear malfunctions and Huotari (who will mix the thing) being on tour with another band until April. Read all about it on our myspace blog.

11. March

The Shysters-trio will play Parnell's on Gummeruksenkatu in Jyväskylä next Friday as part of a Saint Patrick's Day Tour.

14. Feb.

We managed to put out a press release about the grant, and the story made Editor's Picks on Yay! Read the whole story here

8. Feb.

We have received a 1000€ grant from the Arts Council of North-Savo to cover part of the production costs of our first album. We are simply thrilled, and hope to make some kind of statement some time soon, if we manage to calm down a bit.
Oh, also updated the website a bit. More changes coming.

1. Jan.

We had so much fun last night that we had to put up a brand new guestbook. If you were at the gig last night we'd love to hear your thought & impressions. Or even if you weren't. Please, drop us a line.