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3. June

First, just quickly: We're up on Spotify, check it out.
And now... Remember how we got state funding for our album a while back? Well, we're glad to announce that we are in the middle of the pre-production phase of the process of releasing our debut album. This means that we're writing, picking & arranging songs and planning all the practical stuff, logistics, dates and such. So there's still time to share suggestions or thoughts into what should/shouldn't go onto the album. All input comes much appreciated.
Our plan is to record -- mostly live -- around 15 songs of various origins at a special location (more later) in August/September. We'll start to lock plans come July, so that's how much time there still is to have your say.
The planned release date is St. Patricks Day 2010 and the working title is It's A Long Way To Tipperary If You Wanna Rock & Roll.

Also, we're performing at a private function on Sunday, June 7th in Pannuhuone here in Kuopio. If you know what's what & who's who you can surely score an invite still.
Another gig is on Wed. June 17th, the last night of the Kuopio Dance Festival in Henry's Pub.

19. April

Gig tomorrow night @ Henry's Pub in Kuopio with Pauliina Pohjolainen, Verigreippi and Dave Forestfield. Show starts nineish, I think we are the last act. Free admission for over-eighteens -- no admission for those under.

12. January
So we did our first bit of a tour: Midwinter Folkpunk Nights; Fucking Brilliant! Great time was had by (us) all. Wanna shout out a HUGE THANKS! to everyone who was involved (in spirit or in practice), especially to Jaakko&Jay and Marru. Here's a couple of pics from the Turku gig on our Facebook page.

5. January

Jan 6th, Midwinter Folkpunk Nights, Henry's Pub, Kuopio, 2200hrs, free admission
Jan 7th, Midwinter Folkpunk Nights, Klubi, Tampere, w/ Jaakko & Jay, 21hrs, 6
Jan 8th, Midwinter Folkpunk Nights, Klubi, Turku, w/ Jaakko & Jay, 2100hrs, 5

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