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Since You're Looking...

For a good excuse to take this Friday off, look no further!
On Thursday night, Oct. 7th at 2200hrs three of Kuopio's foremost kick-ass bands will take the stage at Henry's Pub (Kuopio).
Starting with Märkä läikkä followed by Ultra Brewtality and Band of Shysters will close the night. Tickets are 5€ at the door.
And hey, we're breaking out our new fiddle player Anni, plus we've got a couple more surprises up our collective sleeve so drag your arse down, it's gonna be brilliant!

A Change In Our Line-up

As you may or may not have heard Anssi Salminen has left Band of Shysters. His departure is due to scheduling problems (read: impossibilities) and personal reasons. Anssi is bloody busy these days playing in about a dozen bands in Helsinki so squeezing in a 13th band in Kuopio just didn't fit his timetable anymore. Though Anssi's presence will be missed in our ranks we wish him all the best. He is definitely headed for bigger and better things, and I believe we are as well.
Anssi's vacancy in the band is filled by fine Kuopio fiddle-artist Anni Ronimus who not only brings loads of experience and a refreshing classical-infused approach to the table, but is also a veteran fan of the traditional music of the Celtic peoples whose knowledge & wisdom in some areas, I'm afraid, will leave the rest of us in shame. Oh yeah, I sense good times are coming.

Album Delayed

Like you're surprised! Yeah, yeah, yeah... It's A Long Way To Tipperary If You Wanna Rock & Roll has again been pushed back. It's a force majeuere thing. Look for more updates as the matter progresses. So just for now, and just between the two of us, the album will be out for x-mas, but fer chrissakes don't tell anybody! We don't wanna jinx it. Again. Nope, not this time.

You Must Never Hesitate

On Sunday, June 20th 23.00hrs intro Bar & Grill, Kuopio we are making our contribution to the Kuopio Dance Festival. Starts at eleven. We are followed by DJ Soulmate. Admission is free.

This may also be the last chance to get your stinkin' paws on one of the much coveted BoS T-shirts. Only a few remain and we are expecting a complete sell-out after the show.

About what Jimmy Rabbitt said, you must react quickly and drag your arse downtown. intro is THE place to be this Sunday night & all the offices will be quite empty come morn.

We shall see all your arses there, I do believe!


First and foremost, WE HAVE A GIG! Coming up on St. Paddy's Day. That is, on Wednesday, March 17th drag your arse down to Henry's Pub by 21.30hrs to catch a quick workshop and performance by Irish dance troupe Kipeät Jalat [Aching Feet]. Our set will follow @ ten o'clock sharp. Admission is free if you're 18 or older. If you aint, it ain't. I urge you to be there, we're gonna play some new tunes from the upcoming album.

New Song & Video Everywhere!

The song is "Fields of Athenry" and will be featured on "...Tipperary". The video was shot at a gig in Turku. It is up right now on Facebook, Youtube, Myspace & what have you. It's also on our Listen-page. BTW, also added an audio player to said page & took down the old index-page.

CD-Single SOLD OUT—Download version still available

Yup, the 2nd and last printing of "The Girl From the North" is pretty much sold out. CD Baby still has a couple on the shelf, three I think, but other than that I'm afraid it's the download version for you until "...Tipperary" comes out...

Album Release Postponed—We are hoping for June 2010

...Which reminds me that I have the repugnant duty to inform you that we are pushing back the release of "It's a Long Way To Tipperary If You Wanna Rock&Roll". We don't have an exact date yet. Current estimate is June 2010. Why? Quite simply because it isn't done yet. Working without the pressure from a record company we are taking full advantage of the luxury of being able to just take the time, and make the best damn album we possibly can. Also, we're a tad short on cash and can't afford to rush things much for that as well. If it comes to it, we might be taking pre-orders to make up the difference. In any case, the album will be done when it's done. You'll be the first to know.

And finally – JUSSI IS BACK!!!

Yes, after an excruciating wait our prodigal son has returned from his 8 month hiatus in Goa, India, and rejoined our ranks! We are naturally exstatic. Actually, he got back already in early November, but you know how it is. You need time to adjust. :)

More news will be forthcoming, hopefully sooner than later.