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Nov. 23rd: The Shysters Duo in Kouvola

The founder lads are taking back our roots with just about the first Shysters Duo gig in... like five years, or so.
The place is Pub Old Tom in Kouvola and the time is 2230hrs on Friday, 23rd of November. Admission is free.

Quartet @ King's Crown on June 2nd

The Shysters Quartet will grace School's Out Saturday with soothing sounds at the fine new King's Crown Music Cafe right here in the heart of Kuopio. Free admission, showtime 2100hrs. Some of the more mature, mellow crowd is expected... Hope you brought the British, this one's called Joe McDonnell!

"...Tipperary" A Package To Be Reckoned With

Unlike some, we still hold fast to the belief that in this day and age of iTunes and .mp3-singles people still want to experience albums. Whole albums, complete entities that grip you tight and let go only after the last track fades. Albums with covers to swoon over and artwork to die for.

It's A Long Way To Tipperary If You Wanna Rock & Roll is all this & much more, with extra content online for those so inclined. Look & listen closely, the truth (such as only Hollywood can deliver), it's out there, waiting for you to come find it. In the meantime, check out this glorious sample of the artwork & graphic design by Mr. Arvo Halme, who has gone truly to lengths above & beyond in working our album's covers & insides. Thx, d00d3! Your Arse will be reworded!

Recording Nearly Done, "...Tipperary" Album Coming This Summer!

The tracking of It's A Long Way To Tipperary If You Wanna Rock & Roll nears completion. Aapo has been recording overdubs at his Panacea Studio all spring and now we just need to record fiddle for another two songs and we can start mixing.

The working-title-turned-title of the album turns out a self-fulfilling prophecy but we are now, still crazy after all these years, preparing to start taking in pre-orders.

St. Patrick's Aftermath

You people are insane. There's just no other word for it: INSaNE. And we are eternally grateful to you. Brilliant! Just bloody BRILLIANT! You people! If you were there and happened to be taking photographs we would much appreciate you uploading them to ours or O'Connell's facebook pages. If you weren't... shame. Better luck queuing up next year at an earlier hour. I tell you, it was insane. Packed well above the rafters the bar had a somewhat tropical quality, which caused some tuning issues with some of the instruments but didn't slow the partying none. Infuckingsane. I do believe Simon might be having us back again in 2013.

Additional Recording: Kilkelly

The album will not, I'm sorry to say again, NOT be out for St. Paddy's Day. Sami is keeping the beat on a cruise in the Carribbean for some six weeks, and everybody else seems away from home as well. We did manage to secure the services of Mr. Lassi Ylönen of Lasmatic fame, went to HymHym and laid down the ground tracks for quite a proge-ish vision of the well known song Kilkelly. Principal photography, so to speak, is finished. Overdubbing endures. Be careful, lest you will be posted.

Ready For My Close-up, Mr. DeMarkus

Whew! That was close but we just managed to have the band photographed for the album in time before Sami took off for a trip to play on a Carribbean cruise liner. With the kind assistance and unerring skill of Mr. Markus Aspegren we looked better than ever (and have the negatives to prove it!), for which we are deeply & utterly obliged to him.

St. Patrick's Day Bash

An Irish gentleman and beloved acquaintance of ours, Mr. Simon Foster has invited us to once more provide rhythm to the celebration of St. Paddy's at his lovely O'Connell's Irish Bar in Tampere. Judging by last year's atmosphere it promises to be one helluva party. Like the man said, "St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday? I think I may shit myself!"

Finally Recording Our Album!

This has been some years coming but we finally sorted out our various schedules, timetables & almanacs and at the very beginning of January spent three lovely and highly productive days at Anssi's HymHym-Records' Studio in Varkaus with Olli Huttunen recording. Got down a good half of our "...Tipperary" album. Finished recording of five songs, and basic tracks for another six. Not bad. If the momentum holds up we'll be looking to release in time for St. Patrick's Day. Thems, my friends, is some cool beans!